bonded leather vs genuine leather |
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bonded leather vs genuine leather

bonded leather vs genuine leather

bonded leather vs genuine leather 1

Leather difference and characteristics

Usually, the cowhide is too thick not conducive to post-processing and cost control, which will cause a waste of material resources. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out splitting processing. According to the level of leather, there is top grain and bonded leather, of which the genuine leather has full grain leather, Corrected grain leather, Embossed leather, and special effect leather. bonded leather of leather is divided into pig bonded leather and cowhide bonded leather.

What is Genuine Leather?

The genuine leatheris animal epidermis. It has many fibers and it’s very soft. Much genuine leather wallet always makes of genuine leather. Because of the genuine leather with great breathable performance, good strength, and tension. The wallet makes of genuine leather is more expensive than made of bonded leather.

What is Bonded Leather?

The bonded leather is the second layer of skin under the animal epidermis. After the manufacturer’s treatment, the leather surface is covered with PU paint. According to the quality, bonded leather is second only to genuine leather. Because of the bonded leather have been made by surface finishing. In many countries, people disavow bonded leather is kind of genuine leather.

bonded leather vs genuine leather 2

What is different from genuine leather and bonded leather?

1. Hand feel, the genuine leather hand feel is better than bonded leather. If you touch them, you can feel different. You can feel the bonded leather is harder than the genuine leather.

2. Elastic force, genuine leather has better elasticity than bonded leather. Because genuine leather is pure natural leather, the leather has not been processed yet. And the bonded leather has been processed, the bonded leather elastic force inferior to genuine leather.

3. Folding strength, genuine leather folding strength is better than bonded leather. The bonded leather wallet will appear obvious crease during use. But the genuine leather wallet will not appear the crease.

bonded leather vs genuine leather 3

About the bonded leather wallet and genuine leather wallet purchase proposal

1. If you want to pursue quality, the genuine leather wallet is a better choice for you. Because it’s made of genuine leather which is the best material in all leather, but the price is more expensive than other leather.

2. If you want to pursue price performance, the bonded leather wallet will be better than the genuine leather wallet. Generally bonded leather wallet quality is worse than genuine leather wallet. But the split wallet price is lower than the genuine leather wallet about 30%.

This is the suggestion about how to choose a bonded leather wallet and top leather wallet according to your request. Next article we’ll Introduce more varieties of leather and we’ll show how to identify so many kinds of leather. Such PU, genuine leather, bonded leather and so on.

Any questions about leather goods please feel free to contact us. We’ll be patient to answer your question. Thank you for your read!

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