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Women Wallet

Purse is the bag that holds money namely, it is the most important small bag in our daily life, choose purse to want to suit oneself identity already, can reflect oneself individual character again. The right kind of purse will show your fashion sense. Dazzling color, good quality of a material.Wallet money and bank card, credit card and other monetary tools collected together in a small bag, easy to carry use, usually palm size. These days wallets can also be used as accessories or as a family photo folder. Wallet according to its style can be divided into long wallet, short wallet. Medium – length wallets are rectangular in shape and long in length. If you have a lot of stuff and put it in your bag, choose a medium or long bag. For shorter bags, medium

Long bags are also more atmospheric. Short purses are short in length and width and generally close to a square. If you often put money in a pocket, a short purse is best.

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