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Properties of Cowhide

Properties of Cowhide

What is the cowhide properties ?

Cowhide is a commonly used leather material in the market. Why it’s most commonly used leather material in the market? The biggest properties of cowhide has good wear-resistance and comfortable hand feelings. It’s cheaper than snakeskin and crocodile skin, most of people are more affordable. So most of leather goods manufacturer use cowhide to make leather goods. For example, leather wallet, leather bags, card holder, and so on.

The major categories of cowhide:

1: The categories of cowhide by species

Cattle Hide: fine pores, evenly distributed, feel solid and flexible.

Buffalo Hide: pores thick, strong tensile strength and tension and good wear-resistance but not as fine and smooth as buffalo hide.

2: The categories of cowhide by age group

Newborn calf skin, 2mm thick, 8-10 square feet, From calves less than two months old.

Calfskin, 3-4mm thick, 10-14 square feet, From calves less than six months old.

kip skin, 4-5mm thick, 15-23 square feet, From cattle more than 10-14 months old.

adult cattle skin, 6mm thick, 55-65 square feet, From three years old cattle.

3. The Feature Of Calfskin

The calfskin surface pore is exquisite, soft and smooth, high resilience, it’s the good leather material in the leather market. The calfskin is not easy to be out of shape and it’s more durable and easy on eyes.

Advantages: clear leather texture, feel smooth and flexible.

4. The Feature Of SoftCowhide

The cowhide have been polished, the wax-polishing craft make the leather more soft, strong permeability and not easy to dart. The leather shoes which is make of soft cowhide, it’s good to  perspire. But if you make it into wallet or handbag, you’d better careful not let it touch the water.

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